Professor Luke Williams

Leading consultant, educator and author | Feature Speaker at DLIC 2018


At some time, someone somewhere is going to disrupt your entire industry. Shouldn’t it be you? Luke Williams, author and globally recognised authority on disruptive innovation, reveals a way of thinking that has the power to transform your business and stay ahead of the game.

LUKE WILLIAMS is one of the world’s leading business thinkers on innovation strategy. He has worked with leading companies across the globe and is a dynamic and sought-after management speaker, having lectured in 21 countries and addressed the United Nations General Assembly and the World Innovation Forum.

Williams is Professor of Marketing at NYU Stern School of Business; Founder and Executive Director of the W.R. Berkley Innovation Labs; and a Fellow at Frog Design—one of the world’s most influential product strategy and design firms. He is the inventor of 30+ U.S. patents and has designed more than 100 products in industries ranging from transportation to finance, and healthcare to consumer electronics.

His views are regularly featured in media ranging from Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Fast Company to The Wall Street Journal and The Economist. He is the author of the international bestseller, Disrupt: Think the Unthinkable to Spark Transformation in Your Business.


Jesus R. Pazos

“A leader can’t allow personal feelings to affect what he knows is right to do and what he feels should be done for the organisation.” – Jesus Pazos, interview with Guardian Newspaper in 1999


Born in February 1942, Jesus R. Pazos is one of the most influential (yet unsung) business executives hailing from Trinidad and Tobago. A name synonymous with the Neal and Massy turnaround of the late 1990s, his role in the survival of the conglomerate through one of the longest recessions experienced in the country, is admired to this day.  During a time where many high-profile companies were unable to survive, a team of Neal and Massy executives, under the leadership of Pazos, restructured the Group to meet the requirements of ever changing market dynamics, divested 42 of the 85 companies at the time along with many major assets, retaining only those activities which had a viable future for the Group. Under his tenure as CEO from 1995 – 2000, Pazos significantly reduced the debt of the conglomerate from a debt/equity ratio of 129% to 24% in the first 3 years, acquired a 20% interlocking shareholding with Barbados Shipping & Trading (BS&T) in 1998/99, and set Neal and Massy on a path to growth before passing the reigns in the year 2000. 

Pazos frequently guest lectures at the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business in many of the MBA programmes.