Reinvent Leadership
through Entrepreneurship

May 6th, 2019 |

  Hyatt Regency, Trinidad


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DLIC Speakers 2019

Josh Linkner

Josh Linkner is a five-time successful tech entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and hyper growth CEO who delivers a clear call to action — it’s better to innovate and disrupt your organization before your competition does!
  • NY Times best selling author
  • Awarded a President Barack Obama “Champion of Change” award
  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Adjunct Professor of Applied Creativity at the University of Michigan - Dearborn
  • Best- Selling Author of “The Road to Reinvention" and “Disciplined Dreaming”

Prof. Andrew Corbett

Ranked as one of the Top 25 Entrepreneurship Researchers in the World. He is the Chair of Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College the #1 institution for entrepreneurship in the world.
  • 2017 - Top 25 Entrepreneurship Researchers in the World, Journal of Small Business Management
  • Awarded the McGraw-Hill Innovation in Entrepreneurship Pedagogy Award by the Academy of Business
  • Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence in Executive Education
  • Chair of Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College, currently ranked #1 in Entrepreneurship

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What is the Distinguished Leadership and Innovation Conference (DLIC)?

The Distinguished Leadership & Innovation Conference (DLIC) series is the premier Caribbean leadership conference presented by the Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business aimed at strengthening the region’s capacity in the areas of leadership and innovation. For the past sixteen years DLIC has become known for inspiring thought-provoking concepts while creating an interactive environment where Caribbean and Latin American Leaders can discuss the challenges and potential solutions for issues faced within this region, making it a “must-attend” event for leaders, business executives and captains of industry across the region.

Offering a unique blend of content delivered by world-renowned leadership speakers, best-selling authors, entrepreneurs, innovators and thought leaders, DLIC presents the opportunity to draw on global best practice and cutting edge concepts in business, stimulating new thinking and motivating action, whilst offering a great opportunity for high-level networking.

DLIC 2019: Reinventing Leadership
through Innovation

In an ever changing global economy riddled with financial downturn, the rise of new markets and startups creating value at unprecedented speeds, challenging the sustainability and even existence of many major players in the market – what can your organisation do to reinvent itself and realise growth, whilst competing against the entrepreneurial spirit that this technology driven era is experiencing? A proven way to stay competitive in any market, is to ignite intrapreneurship within your organisations. i.e introduce “entrepreneurial” practice in your organisation’s leadership.

DLIC 2019 will feature two (2) experts in the areas of leadership and corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship).

Serial Entrepreneur, Hyper-growth CEO, Best-selling Author and the #1 ranked innovation speaker in the world, Josh Linkner will provide a fresh approach to leading and reinventing your organisation through corporate entrepreneurship and deliver a methodology for cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset within your organisation.

Professor Andrew Corbett, Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division at Babson College, USA, the #1 ranked in entrepreneurship by Princeton review will address the fundamental capabilities that firms need to develop in order to drive corporate entrepreneurship within their organisations and explain best practice on how to design/re-design your organisation, roles and people to continually allow for strategic corporate innovation.

Join us on May 6th at the Hyatt Regency, Port of Spain as we ignite an intrapreneurial spirit within our organisations and Reinvent Leadership through Entrepreneurship!

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What to Expect from DLIC

Innovative and Inspiring Keynote Speakers

Over the past 16 years, some of the most celebrated experts in business leadership and innovation have provided invaluable contributions to DLIC attendees. We have been pleased to feature keynote speakers such as Jason Jennings, John Kotter, Gary Hamel, Prof. Vijay Govindarajan, Amar Bhide, Prof. Michael E. Porter, Malcolm Gladwell, Marcus Buckingham, Daniel Pink, Tom Peters, Peter Senge, Prof. Donald Sull, Felipe Calderon, Jim Collins, Sir Ken Robinson, Prof.Pankaj Ghemawat and Prof. Luke Williams. In keeping with the spirit of our legacy, we will continue to challenge our creative potential, and bring to the DLIC stage the most influential leadership and business gurus, providing global business experiences and best practice, as we continue to create extraordinary innovative leaders who positively reshape the local and regional business landscape and society.

& Inspiring

The Knowledge & Tools

Interactive Working Sessions

DLIC attendees not only benefit from a speaker that delivers an enjoyable presentation but also one that offers toolkits and methodologies that can be easily actioned and implemented in their individual organisations. Our world-renowned keynote speakers will challenge you to apply the knowledge and tools you are exposed to throughout the conference and encourage riveting discussion and potential solutions to the current challenges faced in local and regional businesses.

Meet, Greet and Network

With over 500+ attendees of industry experts, innovators and leaders, DLIC is the ideal place to build your network and cultivate invaluable business relationships.



DLIC 2019 Agenda

Past Speakers

Professor Luke Williams


Jim Collins


Professor Pankaj Ghemawat


Sir Ken Robinson


Professor Donald Sull


Felipe Calderon






Daniel Pink


Marcus Buckingham


Malcolm Gladwell 



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